Monday, April 28, 2008

Idiot Proof Diet - How to Learn to lose weight in 11 days

Losing weight is not easy ,many of us want to lose weight so badly . Some even want to lose weight in 3 days or 7 days !

One of the Hottest product on the weight loss industry called Fatloss4idiots that confidence in having you losing 9 pounds every 11 days !

This is true and can be done if you follow the program exactly as what they instructed to do so. They Have diet online generator that can help you generate your diet menu within seconds online.

The Whole Program of Fatloss4idiots actually based on calorie shifting methods or calorie cycling theory. This means you can eat different amount of calories every day that have plan on this calorie shifting dieting.

The plan actually based on 4 meals per day and during these 11 days you can lose weight for 9 pounds. But if you have not reach your weight loss target , you can still continue for the next 11 days until your goal is achieved.

You also will learned the 10 rules for fast fat loss and how to stop retaining water. Get yourself change your body in 11 days with Fatloss4idiots today and you will see yourself amazingly different !

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Britney Smith has successfully lose weight using calorie shifting diet , she share about her experience about calorie shifting diet at her lens :

Friday, April 25, 2008

Calorie Shifting diet Tricks

Ever think of doing Calorie Shifting diets ?

Well Basically Calorie shifting is a way to keep your body confused and to keep your metabolism from slowing down. Calorie shifting is a weight loss method designed to keep the metabolism running high so dieters continue to burn fat quickly. The main idea of calorie shifting is to make sure dieters lose weight without starving themselves. This is a way for weight challenged people to see if calorie shifting is for them. Calorie shifting is a technique where you trick the body into speeding up the metabolism by feeding it a different number of calories each day. Calorie Shifting is becoming one of the fastest growing weight loss sensations because is works on a theory that actually makes sense. Calorie Shifting is based on a system that burns fat fast and creates a high metabolism rate by rotating your food groups. Why calorie shifting is the easiest dieting technique and the only diet you will ever need.

You may have heard of a new diet plan known as the calorie shifting diet plan. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet System uses a technique called calorie shifting to confuse your metabolism and force faster fast loss to occur. Have you stopped to think about why so many diet plans and weight loss programs fail.

What if you are still not losing enough weight or your weight loss has stagnated. So maybe some weight loss methods like this calorie shifting do provide faster than usual weight loss. Just Follow the Calorie Shifting Menu Generator and you can start dieting tommorrow.

Britney Smith has successfuly lose her first 11 days using calorie shifting and To read more on about calorie shifting click here :

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I want to lose weight fast for valentines day

A few days ago i just ordered fatloss4idiots calorie shifting methods and i am on calorie shifting diets now. Its my third day today , i feel great. Only that yesterday it was a bit tough for me because yesterday was the fruits day. i went to gym even yesterday. Oh my i feel my body so weak but at night i ate lots of fruits like grapes and pears. This morning feeling great and continue my calorie shifting diet again.

anyway my goal is to lose about 14lbs ! The calorie shifting methods that fatloss4idiots says is about 9lbs in 11 days and i hope i can achieve much more than this.

anyway the review for calorieshifting diets i found is here.